Baroque Flamenco CONCERTO SOLOIST & Piano Reduction Package

Deborah Henson-Conant
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IF YOU'LL BE PERFORMING THIS PIECE WITH ORCHESTRA - this is the version of the harp soloist's you'll play. If you want to perform the piece as a duet with piano - this is also the package you want. (To rent the conductor's score & orchestra parts contact

This Digital Package includes 7 files for "Baroque Flamenco" Concerto Soloists:

1. Baroque Flamenco CONCERTO Soloist's Part 

2. PIANO REDUCTION of the Orchestral score (suitable for performance as a duet with Concerto soloist's part as well as for rehearsals and auditions)

3. Notation Appendix (explaining notation & cadenza techniques)

4. Manuscript Coordination guide (to help you coordinate the CONCERTO soloist's part with the standard Solo Concert version of the piece that many harpists learn first)

5 & 6. Audio 'mock-up' files. These two files are audio "mock-ups" of the orchestra - to help soloists prepare for performance. File #1 starts at the beginning of the piece, through to the beginning of the cadenza.  File #2 starts at the end of the cadenza, through the end of the piece.

7. Audio Mock-up Info sheet explains how the audio mock-ups work

[Files 5, 6 & 7 were added 190128)

I want this!

You'll get 7 files (2 Sheet Music, 2 Info-sheets, 3 audio playalong files - see product description for a more details description)

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